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영어의 Yes, No

bruce lee 2011. 4. 24. 21:21

=I agree(with you).
=You're right.
=Good point.
=You can say that again.
=I can't agree more.

내 생각은 달라.
=I don't agree.
=I don't buy that.
=I don't think so.

윗분이나 격식을 차려야 하는 자리에서는 부드럽게 반대의사 표현
글쎄요~ 제 생각은 좀 다릅니다.
=I don't know about that.
=I don't know I can say that.
=I'm afraid I don't see it that way.
=I'm afraid I'll have to disagree.
=That's not how I understand it.

잘모르겠습니다.(정말로 확실치 않을 때)
=I don't know.
=I'm not sure.
=It depends.
=It's up in the air.
=Maybe and maybe not.

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